When will Blu Play Café be open?
Mid-October 2015

Will there be a charge for the playground area?
Yes,  for ages 24 mo – 47 mo $5 per child, ages 4+ $8 per child for unlimited one-day access. Other options will be made available (ex. Monthly, Yearly, family-discounts).

Will children be supervised while in the playground area?
Blu Play Café is not considered a day care facility. We will have playground attendants but parents/guardians must stay and supervise (while enjoying some treats from the cafe!).

Will Blu Play Café follow health and sanitation procedures?
Yes! We will hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of sanitation and cleanliness.

Is Blu Play Café accessible for children and parents with disabilities?
We are located on a single floor with no steps or barriers to movement. The large climbing structure is multilevel and has a specific entry point for children with a disability. Some children may need assistance in navigating through the structure and the equipment is designed so that an adult caregiver could accompany a child through the structure.

How safe is Blu Play Café?
Our playground has been designed with not only maximum “playability” for children but also maximum safety. The structure was manufactured by Kid-Steam, an international leader in the indoor playground industry. We will take every precaution to be a safe environment for your children.

Can I host my party at Blu Play Café?
Of course! We have two party rooms offering different packages including food options, themes and other extras. Navigate to the party section.

Will the cafe be food-allergy friendly?
We will do everything we can to accommodate those with food-allergies including providing gluten-free options at our cafe.

What is the daily Pricing for Blu Play Cafe?

It is dependent on number of children.  Stop by and check it out.

What is the Membership pricing monthly, 1/2 year, and yearly? 

Monthly 1=$65 2=$85 3+=$120
6 months 1=$230 2=$320 3+=$480
Yearly 1=$320 2=$480 3+=$720

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